Mobility Help

Tips for seniors looking for mobility.

Disabled Support

The specifics of life are different for you. As a disabled person your concerns and awareness of things that often don't touch the consciousness of the non-disabled sets you apart. Only other disabled people can truly appreciate the issues and concerns that are significant to you. It is important for your sense of community and balance that you find a place among others who share your particular concerns.

Mobility Equipment

Mobility and access problems, health and wellness issues particular to your disability, tips and advice offered by people with similar situations; you will find significant relief and the strength of support having contact with others who share your experience.

Sports Events

A good support group can encourage you from the position of equality, a position of experience and strength. It is something that you do for yourself but also for the lives of those who you will touch through your own knowledge and caring. Support groups are where you give and take in turns, a circle of caring among friends and peers.

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